IC 410 Tadpoles-Nebula in Hubble colors

IC 410
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Object: IC 410
Date of exposures: 21.11.2015, 08.01.2016, 21.02.2016, 28.01.2017
Distance: 12.000 Lightyears
Exposures: Ha: 10 x 1200 Sec., [O III]: 10 x 1200 Sec., [SII]: 4 x 1200 Sec., Sum: 7,6 Hrs.
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ85
Focal length: 450 mm
Filter: Astrodon H-Alpha 5nm, [O III] 3nm, [SII] 3nm
Camera: Atik 490Exm
Guiding: Off Axis Guider, Lodestar
Mount: EQ8

The dusty emission nebula IC 410 is about 12,000 light years away and is located in the northern constellation of Auriga. The cloud of luminous gas has a diameter of more than 100 light years and is shaped by star winds and the radiation of the embedded open star cluster NGC 1893. Noteworthy are two relatively dense material currents in the 11 o'clock position, which worm away from the central region of the nebula. These cosmic tadpoles, possible tracts of star formation, are about 10 light years long.