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NGC 3718

Curved spiral galaxy in the constellation of the Big Dipper.

NGC 3718 is a curved spiral galaxy in the constellation of the Big Dipper and was discovered by Wilhelm Herschel on April 12, 1789.

NGC 3718
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Object: NGC 3718
Date of exposures: 04.05.2016, 05.05.2016, 06.05.2016, 02.03.2022, 03.03.2022, 05.03.2022, 06.03.2022
Distance: 52 Mio. Lightyears
Exposures: 2016: Lum: 36 x 600 Sec., RGB 62 x 360 Sec., Sum: 12,2 hrs. + 2022: Lum: 165 x 180 Sec., RGB 177 x 180 Sec., Sum: 17 hrs.
Telescope: 10'', F4 Newton
Focal length: 1000mm
Filter: Astrodon E-Series, LRGB
Camera: Atik 460Exm
Guiding: MGEN
Mount: EQ8

The spiral arms of NGC 3718 appear bent and elongated and are speckled with young blue star clusters. Pulled out dust lanes obscure the yellowish central regions. About 150,000 light-years to the right lies another large spiral galaxy, NGC 3729. The two likely interact gravitationally. While this pair of galaxies is about 52 million light-years away, Hickson Group 56 is at the top of the image above NGC 3718. Hickson Group 56 consists of five interacting galaxies and is more than 400 million light-years away. 

The picture was awarded "Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day".



and appeared in the 09/2016 issue of the magazine "Sterne und Weltraum" as a reader image.