Astrofotography by Jens Zippel.


Pictures of objects from the depths of space have always fascinated me. Colored nebula or even galaxies, for me they were something like science fiction. In spring of 2014 I began to interest myself in astrophotography, researched in some Internet forums and was immediately "infected" with the astro virus. I started this incredibly exciting hobby with the knowledge close to ZERO and in a short time in a steep learning curve I learned all necessary know-how.

Latest Astrophoto - VdB 152

Exposed over several nights, and hours of processing the raw material. The result is a colorful astrophoto.



Processing the raw images decides whether the accumulated photons become pretty pictures or rather rubbish. Here you can see the miraculous transformation from the raw image to an astrophoto.

Light pollution

Light pollution

Light pollution is an increasingly annoyance for astrophotographers. The conditions are not optimal in Bremen. At my location on the outskirts, the location is borderline, but not hopeless.
Light pollution map ...



Almost exactly one year after I bought my first telescope, the preparations for the construction of my permanent obervatory started. If I had been told 12 months ago, I would not have believed it.
Building my observatory ...

Spaceimages Video

My finest captures out of the past 12 month as an ambient movie.
Spaceimages YouTube Channel...

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About me

I was born in 1965 and live in Bremen located in northern germany about 120 kilometers west of Hamburg. I've been interested in astronomy since childhood, when I was 4 years old and watched live on our black and white TV mens first landing on the moon. 45 years later I bought my first telescope and started with astrophotography.

In the main occupation I am owner and CEO of an internet software development company named "eWerk GmbH".

Astro poster

You can get my images on request as a poster in different formats.

At cost price I will produce posters on request. Production and dispatch is carried out by a digital printing service provider. Printing on UV-resistant, 265g premium HP paper. A lamination refines the poster with a glossy appearance. The glossy lamination additionally protects the poster print from moisture, UV light, buckling or scratches.