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Jones-Emberson 1

Planetary nebula in the constellation Lynx.

VV 47, also known as Jones-Emberson 1 (JnEr 1) or PK 164+31°.1, is a galactic planetary nebula in the constellation Lynx.

Jones-Emberson 1 oder PK 164+31°.1
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Object: Jones-Emberson 1 oder PK 164+31°.1
Date of exposures: 16.04.2019, 22.04.2019, 11.05.2019, 11.04.2020, 15.04.2020, 16.04.2020
Distance: 1.600 Lightyears
Exposures: Ha 5nm: 147 x 300", OIII 3nm: 85 x 300", RGB: 37 x 180", Sum: 21,2 hrs.
Telescope: 10'', F4 Newton
Focal length: 1000 mm
Filter: Astrodon RGB E-Series, Ha, OIII
Camera: ASI 1600 MMC Pro
Guiding: MGEN
Mount: EQ8

It belongs to the apparently larger planetary nebulae and has a correspondingly low surface brightness. The white dwarf in the center is possibly a PG-1159 star.

The nebula was discovered by Boris Alexandrovich Voronzow-Velyaminov and independently in 1939 by Rebecca B. Jones and Richard Emberson, who mistakenly identified it with NGC entry NGC 2474/2475, which in fact describes a pair of galaxies a few minutes of arc to the south.

Older image from 2016:
26.3 hours. In cooperation with Juergen Beisser, Frank Iwaszkiewicz, Nico Geisler. Ha: 35 x 900/1800 sec, OIII: 25 x 900/1800 sec Bi-Color.