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NGC 2264 2panel mosaic

Emission Nebula in the Constellation Monoceros.

The nebula is about 2,500 light years away in the constellation Monoceros and has the dimensions 20.0' × 20.0' and an apparent brightness of 4.1 mag.

NGC 2264 Cone nebula
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Object: NGC 2264 Cone nebula
Date of exposures: 16.03.2017, 21.03.2017, 22.03.2017, 24.03.2017
Distance: 2.500 Lightyears
Exposures: Ha: 16 x 1200 Sec., [O III]: 13 x 1200 Sec., Sum: 9,7 Hrs.
Telescope: 10'', F4 Newton
Focal length: 1000 mm
Filter: Astrodon H-Alpha 5nm, [O III] 3nm
Camera: Atik 460Exm
Guiding: Off Axis Guider, Lodestar
Mount: EQ8

NGC 2264 describes an area consisting of a part of an H-II area (with a dark cloud in front, the cone nebula), a cluster of stars (the Christmas tree cluster) and the diffuse nebula between.

Bicolor image with some RGB data from my friend Jürgen Beisser.