Sh2-240 4-panel Mosaic

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Object: Sh2-240
Date of exposures: 12.02.2017, 13.02.2017, 14.02.2017, 15.02.2017
Distance: 3.000 Lightyears
Exposures: Ha: 17 x 1800 Sec., [O III]: 13 x 1800 Sec., Sum: 15,0 hrs.
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ85
Focal length: 450 mm
Filter: Astrodon H-Alpha 5nm, [O III] 3nm
Camera: Atik 490Exm
Guiding: Off Axis Guider, Lodestar
Mount: EQ8

Simeis 147, also known as the Spaghetti Nebula, or Sharpless 2-240, is a supernova remnant (SNR) in the Milky Way, straddling the border between the constellations Auriga and Taurus. Discovered in 1952 at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory using a 25-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, it is difficult to observe due to its extremely low brightness.The nebula has an apparent extent of about 3 degrees; This corresponds to a huge size of about 140 light years with a distance of an estimated 3,000 light years. Sh2-240 is about 40,000 years old.


Since such a huge object does not fit into my image field, this capture was created as a 4 panel mosaic. In order to depict the object in its entirety, 9 parts would be necessary. You can see the story in my blog...